What to do if a wedding must be held during the epidemic? 50 people indoors, 100 people outdoors? Safe and warm weddings



Small weddings are probably the most common wedding pattern during the epidemic, but the most common choice for newcomers is how to choose, how can I share the good news with everyone?

If you have to hold a wedding for the bride and groom in the second half of this year, it must be a headache! ! This article tells you that you don’t want to delay the wedding, and provide some methods for new people to refer to!

All indoors: less than 50 people, a warm wedding banquet is recommended

Half indoor and half outdoor The wedding ceremony can be up to 100 people outdoors, only inviting loved ones to the wedding banquet, or divide the indoor venue into two halves

All outdoors: It is recommended to hold a ceremony

The first thing to confirm is how many people will participate? Who will participate? This is a very important issue. The number of people has been reduced and the budget has been drastically reduced, so it is nothing more than another choice, so on the contrary, which content will be more important, and the length of the process is a matter that needs to be discussed.

  1. Venue: The number of people is small, but I hope everyone also has a certain distance, transparent partitions
  2. Dishes: It is recommended to work hard on the food. This point should also be communicated with the venue.
  3. Video and live broadcast: Many weddings overseas have a live broadcast function, so that relatives and friends who cannot come to participate can also have the opportunity to participate in the air mode
  4. Anti-epidemic: In addition to the restaurant’s anti-epidemic measures, participating guests also remember to ask everyone to check the temperature and health of the 14 days before the wedding in advance. The souvenirs at the wedding can be changed to masks and anti-epidemic alcohol.

Half outdoor and half indoor wedding

Of course, if you have such a wedding, you will be worried about what the guests who come to participate in will do. You can choose in advance. Guests who did not attend the wedding are recommended to provide a rich gift box (the gift box can be food, high-quality gifts, etc., which can also be provided to The guest makes a choice), but the reception desk for the sign-in is very important. You must communicate well, or mark the name on the gift box one by one.

All outdoor wedding

This is simpler. It’s better to have only the ceremony. At the end of the ceremony, you can open up more photos with guests. So now, remember to set up the photo, and then give away the guests’ souvenirs and food gift boxes. It’s because the guests are not sure whether they will eat it right away after they leave. It’s also a good choice if you give away exquisite food packaging)

Suggested show

Whether indoors or outdoors, the more important thing is the content of the ceremony, so you must make every step accurate, and then the mother covers the veil, the father takes the red carpet, the two vows, exchanges rings, etc. must be accurate, and the end You can also sprinkle petals and join in the bouquets, cake-cutting ceremony and other programs!




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