Popular choice for 2021! Let’s take pictures of weddings in the epidemic!



With the increasing popularity of photo-taking weddings, what kind of dress do you choose? Photo Wedding that has attracted attention due to the epidemic.

The number of people who use it as a substitute for weddings and receptions and choose this option before postponing the wedding is rapidly increasing, and most importantly, unlike weddings, this preparation and budget is easy!

In this way, even if there is no specific wedding schedule, it is a good way to take photos first to commemorate. The bride and groom can also show off their wedding photos to their parents, relatives and friends.

How to choose a wedding photo?

Nowadays, popular bridal shops sell wedding photo programs and choose fashionable photo weddings to become popular.
Especially those who have high demands on the taste and clothing in the photos, now newcomers can even do what they want to stick to.

  • Do you like the feeling of finished photos?
  • Can you wear the clothes you want or like?
  • Can you shoot in the situation/location you want to shoot?
  • Does it fit your budget?



What kind of shooting do you want to do?

There are various shooting styles, so you must first think about what kind of photos the two people want to take, and what kind of situation suits you.

  • Naturally in a place of green forest
  • The feeling of an overseas wedding on the beach
  • In a beautifully furnished shed in the studio
  • Full of the atmosphere of historical buildings and western architecture
  • A place with memories and an urban landscape where two people grew up



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