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Weddings in gardens and forests are very popular in recent years, but in fact, weddings on turf have always been popular. It is just the advantages of weddings held indoors, such as the problem of raining on rainy days, the problem of mosquitoes in outdoor dining, etc. , The number of newlyweds transferred to indoor weddings is also increasing.

The forest layout is not just the color “green”. The focus of green is not just trees, flowers, and grass. The following are the key points.

1. a sense of drape

The hanging ornaments that fall from the space, whether it is flowers, cloth or lighting, the feeling of forest draping is very important. No matter how high or low the top space is, you can choose to decorate it.

2. Flower selection

Basically, it depends on which color theme the bride and groom like, but remember to choose plants that are easy to drape when choosing, but remember not to arrange too many flowers and plants, let the space feel, and pay attention to the number of people and space!

3. Seasonality

In fact, outdoor weddings are also affected by seasonality, so if the seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter are also taken into consideration, you can also have unexpected surprises for the guests who come!









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