A short version of wedding preparations under the epidemic!



The epidemic in the past two years has caused many brides and grooms to grow up to the top three. It’s hard to tell! Today, everyone, this article is about to let the bride and groom prepare the important points that you should pay attention to when preparing for the wedding!

【Wedding in your location】

※Notarized for wedding date

In the case of the epidemic, it is basically difficult to deal with the wedding ceremony and wedding banquet first, so many new couples also have the idea of not holding the wedding ceremony, so notarized marriage is a very important thing, and there will not be too many notaries. People can prepare for the notarization ceremony, bring their own bouquets with them, and make arrangements to wear clothes that correspond to each other.

Some people will consider the issue of marriage leave. You can ask the company whether the marriage leave can be extended. After all, it is not easy to travel during the epidemic.


※Engagement and marriage must be held

If you are a new person who must be engaged and married, it is recommended that you get engaged first and then get married, so that you do not have to go through the two ceremonies at once on the wedding day, which will be more difficult. (Of course, the engagement is also held in an open group!)

※The wedding banquet preparation is mainly electronic

When making changes, the wedding invitations are recommended mainly electronically, and the remarks on the electronic wedding invitations are that in case of government announcements, the wedding banquet may be cancelled. Newcomers who have printed the wedding invitation and sent it should not panic, if you really need it Cancel temporarily, and remember to send an e-post announcement to friends and relatives!

※The wedding banquet is mainly small

Basically, the maximum number of people in a Japanese wedding is about 100 people. It is recommended that you reduce the number of people at the wedding and focus on the relatives of the bride and groom and their friends.

【Considering the overseas wedding】

First of all, be sure to ask how long it can be extended if it is postponed? (Usually overseas are willing to postpone for 1 year)

Can I cancel the deposit due to the pandemic?

How is the local epidemic prevention situation?


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