Reasons for choosing "red " for Japanese wedding!



Kimono has become more and more popular recently, and the reason for the popularity is the color of “red”. After all, the combination of the unique atmosphere of Japanese clothing and the elegant red color is rare.

Not only is it in line with the atmosphere of the wedding, but it also looks great in location shooting.

So what is the charm of “red”?


***Match the color of the shrine***

Many couples wear kimonos to take wedding photos or hold shrine weddings.
You can see that the entrance of the shrine is tall and big, and most of them are red torii gates.
The unique temperament of the kimono matches the sacred atmosphere of the shrine, and the decoration on the clothing is more luxurious and luxurious.


***Different red***

In short, red also has various kinds of red, such as vermilion, red and deep red, etc., depending on the color of red.

Therefore, regardless of age, appearance and body shape, there should be a red color that suits you.
Even if the background color is red, it will be further changed according to the color, pattern, and pattern to be matched (for example, black, gold, and white).

Black x red gives a slightly mature atmosphere, gold x red gives a more gorgeous and luxurious impression.
If it is red x white, then red and white are Japanese festive meanings.


***Looking good***

Surprisingly, many people usually don’t wear red, and only choose red at weddings. In fact, red can make your face look rosy, so red is very suitable for taking pictures.
Everyone adapts to different reds, so try a few more reds!

***Happy event for Chinese representative***

Red is a symbol of luck and happiness in China. It originated from the worship of the sun god and the god of the earth. In China, red symbolizes luck and happiness, and is also given the meaning of exorcising evil and recruiting good fortune.


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