Hinamatsuri on March 3, one of the must-haves for Japanese girls!



Every March 3rd in Japan is the Hinamatsuri Festival. The main reason is to hope that the girls in the family can grow up healthy and healthy.

Why is it March 3rd?

In ancient Chinese culture, there was a habit of giving and praying on days when odd numbers of 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 overlap.
These include the Shangsi on March 3, the Dragon Boat Festival on May 5 and the Qixi Festival on July 7.
In Japan, this day has become an annual event from the Heian period, and in the Edo period, it has become an official holiday by the Shogunate.

Way of decoration

The most traditional is the 7-stage decoration. The first stage is the emperor and the queen. There are 15 decorations in total.


Clam soup


Hina (ひなあられ, made from glutinous rice or small pieces of mochi deep-fried)


The above are all foods that 3/3 representatives will eat!


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