How to choose a wedding ring? 2021 men and women selection tips to tell you!



When choosing a wedding ring for a lifetime, there must be a question. How to choose a wedding ring for people who are not used to wearing rings?

In this article, we will explain the main points of how to choose a wedding ring according to men and women! Especially for women who pay special attention to the appearance of the ring and men who want to choose a ring based on comfort and functionality, there are different considerations. Looking forward to picking the wedding ring that suits you!

★ 5 key points to know when choosing a wedding ring for the bride

1. Wear it with the engagement ring

Whether to wear an engagement ring and a wedding ring at the same time. Engagement rings are difficult to stack in design or form and can be uncomfortable to wear.

2. size

When choosing a size, it is recommended that you choose a size 0.5 larger. Because when a person’s hands swell, it is recommended to try them at the body temperature of normal life!
3. Appropriate width and form

4. Metal allergy problem

You still have to try on the above in person to know clearly!
5. Diamond

There is a big difference between the price of diamonds and those without diamonds, so setting a budget and whether you want diamonds is also an important point when choosing!

★5 key points that grooms should know when choosing

1. Don’t let the bride choose

After all, you want to wear it yourself, so it is more important to wear it yourself!
2. Material strength

Because the work environment of men may be different, pay attention to the environment and the material strength of the ring!


4. Wear comfortably
5. Are opinions consistent

In addition, the more you look for a simple design in the store, the easier it is to fall into the problem of “the same appearance and no choice.” In this case, it is recommended that you make a wedding ring by hand. Even if it is a simple design, if you engrave the memories made by both!

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