How to choose a wedding dress starts with design and materials!



Believe that one of the dreams of many women is to wear the beautiful wedding dress of their dreams.

Everyone knows the common designs of wedding dresses. Which dress should you choose?

Which material should I choose to give a Japanese lovely impression?

This time, we want to focus on “cute wedding dresses” and conduct more in-depth research. Take a look!

***dress Style***


There is a skirt on the skirt of the princess, which is fluffy towards the hem.

As the name suggests, the dress-like silhouette worn by the princess is very cute!

Not only cute but also gorgeous, it gives a soft impression of women.


The design of the bell line extends from the waist to the hem like a bell.

Its outline is a bit like a princess line, but the impression it gives is more gorgeous than the princess line.

The romantic and elegant bell line is perfect for those who want a cute wedding dress!

A line

It can be said that the A line can be said to be the royal road of wedding dresses. It is named because it resembles the shape of the letter “A”.

One of the characteristics of the A line is that it is cleaner than the princess line, and the waist is high, so the legs look very long.

It is a multi-purpose design that can make you cute and stylish at the same time.



Lace gives an elegant and classical impression and is often used as a material for wedding dresses.

Lace is integrated on the back, chest and sleeves to create a refined and elegant atmosphere.

All kinds of lace wedding dresses give a luxurious and lovely impression!


There are two types of tulle, soft tulle and hard tulle.

The soft tulle looks and feels soft and thin, and is usually used as a material for dresses and veils.

The characteristic of hard tulle is thick and strong. It is used to make the skirt protruding between the skirt lining and the outer material. The advantage of giving a heavy impression.



A pearl adds elegance and cuteness.

It is a good thing to add pearls not only in wedding dresses but also in necklaces and earrings.

Using only pearl decoration will give a more gorgeous impression.

■Satin ribbon bow

A ribbon can be said to be a symbol of cuteness!

If you choose a wedding dress with a back tie, you will be a beautiful bride with a lovely and delicate back.

There are also some high-end brides who use ribbons made of tulle as their headwear.

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