How do you start with "Vegetarian for the Earth"? Is it really useful?



Do you know that being vegetarian is also an action? In recent years, there have been more and more slogans for being vegetarian to save the planet. From the perspective of environmental factors, vegetarianism can really reduce the energy load than eating meat. Feeding animals requires water, feed, grass, etc. If we reduce the consumption of meat products , This will reduce breeding and reduce carbon emissions, but is vegetarianism really good for the environment? Here are some tips and methods to become vegetarian!

***Use local seasonal ingredients***

Try to choose local ingredients for consumption in the season to reduce carbon emissions due to long-distance transportation. A total of carbon dioxide is emitted during the export of food ingredients. If they are sold locally, they only need to emit 50g less carbon dioxide. Shortening the mileage of food can reduce carbon by 20 times.

***Buy foods from clear sources***

When buying food and beverages, we don’t need to worry about product quality. The manufacturer should provide the greatest guarantee: “food safety”, which means that the food should be free of impurities and pollution, and the source of the product and the origin of all ingredients should be transparent.

***Choose certified ingredients***

Food certification does not mean food testing! Because of the food safety incidents in recent years, the public has become more and more aware of the concept of food safety. Food certification has the following key points

  1. Ensure consumer food safety
  2. Passing verification is conducive to the long-term operation of the brand
  3. There is a seal to prove that the product can gain the trust of consumers


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