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After the winter, the epidemic situation in various parts of the world has increased. In the past three years, the wedding format may also turn to a “small number” trend. What programs or celebrations will be held at the wedding, but there are still new people who decide to hold it during this period. Wedding, but hope to reduce the risk of infection, which activities can be carried out that will not cause increased infection? This article provides some ideas for everyone!

***Ribbon wands***

This is attaching a ribbon to a stick and waving it like a flag to celebrate. Unlike the petal rain, there is no need to clean up after the wedding, so it can be carried out in most wedding venues and places, regardless of its location, which is attractive. You can also hang a bell on the swing of your hand to make a sound. You can also use it as a decoration for the welcome space!

You can keep a safe distance in the wedding. 

***Bouquet pulls***

This is a very often used activity, but during this period, the use of ribbons can stretch the distance between people who hold flowers and reduce contact with people.

The method is to prepare ribbons for the number of people who will participate in the bouquet drawing, as long as one of them is tied to the bride’s bouquet. Make sure you don’t know which ribbon is connected to the bouquet, and then give the other end to the person who wants to draw the bouquet, and everyone pulls it at the same time. In the end, the bride will give the bouquet to the lucky one who is connected to the ribbon.


***Led candle ***

It is common in Japanese wedding banquets to light candles to convey blessings, but because the candles will be blown out and other contact problems, this can be replaced with electronic candles to reduce the chance of infection. Now some electronic candles do You can look for anti-authentication candles in the online store.

Of course, first important venues must be prepared for epidemic prevention!


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