Must to see 2021! ! Kansai camping location recommended!



Camping has been blowing up in recent years. Camping with a family or a few friends has become a popular outdoor recreational activity. So what is the fun of camping?

The most important thing is to get close to nature. After all, I usually stay in the city, with a fast and busy pace of life. Camping is like a kind of charging. It is a kind of away from the hustle and bustle. It is also possible to walk into the mountains and embrace nature. To enhance the friendship between family or friends, prepare ingredients and cook together, and set up tents together, which is a great division of labor!

This article recommends five popular camping spots in Kansai area


It’s about 30 minutes drive from the city of Osaka. It’s hard to imagine a campsite surrounded by nature away from the lively city of Osaka. There is also a hotel, wooden house and a vast roofed barbecue area, which is a resort. The hotel’s public bath can also provide bathing. The sunset here is also very beautiful, and you can see the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge on a sunny day!

All year

Website:PALM GARDEN 舞洲 byWBF


***【Kyoto】HIYOSHI Forest Resort***

In the area north of Kyoto, there are two types of camp facilities: a hut, where you can feel the fusion with the forest; an inn (main building), where you can feel the warmth of the old houses while feeling the natural scenery nearby. You can choose according to your own style.

No fixed holiday, please remember to check on the official website




***【Hyogo】Kobe Sanda outdoor village  TEMIL***

The campsite was built in April 2018. It is a comfortable campsite equipped with the latest equipment. It is a comfortable campsite with the theme of “enjoyment and convenience”. It has established many facilities that can experience outdoor convenience, conveying the fun and charm of the outdoors.

Day off:Tuesday Wednesday

Website:神戸三田outdoor village  TEMIL

***【Nara 】Shimokitayama Sports Park Camping Ground***

The campsite is rich in nature and extends below the dam. The area is also famous for bass fishing. As its name suggests, the sports park has a wealth of sports facilities, such as tennis courts, multi-purpose fields, artificial turf football fields and putting golf courses.

There are huts and bungalows for small to large groups, tent places where cars can be placed side by side (with or without power supply area) and free places, as well as a barrier-free cabin.

All year 


【Noted】Any camping area requires an appointment first, so attach the website, remember to make an appointment on the website in the past!



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