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Maybe many people will feel that Japan’s support for LGBT marriage is very low. In recent years, the world has strengthened the promotion of LGBT, and it has also begun to influence Japan. For example, in 2001, the Netherlands was the first country to recognize same-sex marriage! So far, about 27 countries and regions recognize gay marriage, although it is not officially recognized in Japan. In 2019, the Japanese advertising giant Dentsu Group (Dentsu) survey pointed out that about 80% of people under 60 years old are about gay marriage. Hold a supportive attitude.

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Today, we will introduce three wedding companies that can help LGBT people in Japan

***TAGAYA-Overseas wedding in Japan ***

First is to introduce us. We started from a kimono shop in Kyoto in 1974 and established three churches in Kobe, Kyoto, Osaka. We have been assisting local Japanese brides and grooms to hold their dream churches, and of course traditional Japanese weddings, and we also started in 2015. Begin to receive brides and grooms from overseas. However, the atmosphere of freedom and openness overseas, there are also many LGBT groups who love Japan who want to come to our church for weddings, and they are all very welcome!

*Support Chinese and English accompanying translation services, brides and grooms from overseas do not have to worry about language problems at all!

***Feel and Create***

This is a consultant specializing in general service industries such as weddings, hotels, tourism, beauty, catering and insurance companies. So if LGBT couples want to hold a wedding, but they can’t find a place they are willing to do! Freel and Create will find a suitable venue and help plan their wedding.

Plan the wedding with the concept of “rainbow flower wedding”, and will create a perfect wedding for the new couple with our own wedding planning and service experience!

Website: Feel and Create


***CRAZY Co. ***

Crazy wedding as the name! As the name suggests, this company advocates free marriage ceremonies and also strongly supports the LGBT community. It also provides free wedding planning consultation activities for LGBT couples to show support for the same-sex marriage law until it is legal.



Japanese version please click here Japan Noharm association


“The Buddhist wedding ceremony” is to swear in front of the Buddha, not “God ” is to swear in front of the Buddha.
Although somewhat similar to Japanese shrines, it is also a wedding style that has existed in Japan since ancient times.

The holding of Buddhist ceremonies and the Buddhist doctrine of “giving thanks to the Buddha and his ancestors, and swearing to be connected with the afterlife.” It is very romantic to swear before the afterlife.

Some temples hope that the bride and groom are believers of the sect, but nowadays many temples are open for holding.

We focus on eating healthy, playing at ease, providing you with the highest life happiness experience, travel x wedding

Whether you live in Japan or overseas, you are welcome to make an appointment for a Japanese wedding + outdoor wedding photo!!  

For the new bride who likes Japanese atmosphere, a wedding plan to get married peacefully in Japan!

For those of you who are considering holding weddings in Japan after 2021!

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