What is the final highlight of the Japanese wedding banquet? !



The most important part and the last part of a Japanese wedding banquet. Do you know what it is? This part can be said to be the final climax of the wedding. First of all, the bride and groom will read the words to their parents, especially the part of the bride. After all, the bride is married to the bridegroom. For the kindness of nurturing for many years, we must thank the parents at this time. Next, let’s look at the last Japanese wedding The end of it!

****Thanks moment****

Change the feelings of parents and guests. In the very happy wedding banquet, make good use of the last 15-20 minutes before the end of the preparation. Thanks to your parents for their time, you can bring the guests into the final emotions and clap their hands in front of everyone.

After the speech, the bride and groom presented gifts to the parents and bowed together

Before the end, the bride and groom exit the door with their parents to see off the guests. Of course, it’s okay to see off the guests without their parents.

You can also request to take a group photo before sending off the guests, or you can also request to take photos with each group of guests! !

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