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Coming to 2021, with the recent increase in the number of epidemics, there will be no light spots during opening hours! Since you can’t go out, let’s take a look at the beautiful scenery of Japan online! !

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(The following photos are from account IG, please click @ to get to this account!)

1. Halno Kujiraoka @halno

The first one introduced is “Halno Kujiraoka”, there are many pictures floating in the sky like floating on a broomstick. This is a very popular travel account, with many fans, it is like riding a broom to travel the world with a unique worldview.

2. Kiyomizu Temple @feel_kiyomizydera 

The IG of Kiyomizu Temple is very well managed, and the photos taken are very quiet and solemn in Kyoto. The Kiyomizu Temple can be seen clearly here all year round!

3. Retrip nippon @retrip_nippon

RETRIP is a media that reports on travel and food. Based on the concept of “Take You Travel”, photos and videos can be used to store, share and disseminate all information related to travel, sightseeing and outings through this platform. You can let everyone edit and send out messages by themselves.


4.Japan’s superb scenery photo  @zekkei_delic_j 

Collect many photos of Japan’s top policemen from the world. When you can’t go abroad, come here to look at the photos and travel online!

5. Otonatabi Must-visit places in Japan! @otonatabi_japan

They started from Instagram, and then recruited photos from all over the country. So the website recommends information on the web based on the region and tourist attractions, which is worth tracking!

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