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How much do you spend on bottled water, tea, and beverages every day, every week, and every month? Although recycling is being done now, it is actually a chronic harm to the environment. Reducing the use of plastic products is the best way to start. The easiest way is to “bring your accompanying cup” to change it. Consumer mentality, although some items can be recycled, this does not mean that recycling is really implemented. Before buying, it is not only convenient to go on the road and then buy water to buy drinks, but before every purchase, think about what kind of garbage this will bring to the earth?

***Bring your “My bottle” → very fashionable***

A carefully selected accompanying cup, and each cup actually depends on the environment, from outdoor scenes such as camping to gymnasium and daily use, so first determine the functional and structural equipment of each accompanying cup, and then look at the appearance Fashion goods.


***save money***

Like this Mymizu app, you can record your daily drinking status, and you can also save money and reduce the purchase of mineral water or beverages. Not only do you reduce the use of plastic bottles, but you don’t want to buy drinks randomly when you bring your own cup. In some stores, if you bring accompanying cups, you can get discounts.



***Drink more water***

Drinking more boiled water instead of sugary drinks is not just the best choice for saving money, quenching thirst and being healthy. Drinking plenty of boiled water can not only reduce calorie intake and get rid of the threat of obesity and chronic diseases, but also maintain a constant body temperature. It can also remove waste from the body by eliminating urine, sweat and feces.


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