Hair details for a Japanese wedding!



Colored hair styling can also be regarded as one of the overall key points.
Different from Japanese traditional hair, it will match the hair accessories on the hair with the color on the clothes. If you want to make Western-style hair easy to match, it is best to leave some space for the hair and let the overall balance and beauty!

***Floral decorations are mainly placed on the left side***

Not only is the position of the bride standing when taking pictures, but also side shots are often taken when taking pictures, so that you can take pictures of the slender sleeves, and you also like to take pictures of the sides of two people when taking Japanese wedding photos.

The current Japanese traditional kimono has also developed into another fashionable way, so the Japanese wedding dress has once again attracted people’s attention in recent weddings and wedding photos. Therefore, here is an introduction to popular hairstyles, hair accessories, and other collocations suitable for Japanese clothing. By fusing tradition and fashion in a balanced way, it takes the first step towards becoming a fashionable Japanese bride.



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