Christmas in Japan! Have you thought of where to go?



Christmas is coming!  Merry Christmas!! Have you thought about how to spend Christmas?

In Japan, Christmas can be said to be a time to spend a good time with a lover. Although there is no holiday in Japan, Christmas decorations and Christmas-related songs will be played throughout Japan from the end of November. It’s full of Christmas atmosphere, lovely! !

This article will introduce some good ideas for spending Christmas time!! You can even surprise each other at Christmas!


Marunouchi (Chiyoda, Tokyo)

It is about 1.2 kilometers along Tokyo Station Marunouchi Nakadori Avenue, decorated with 930,000 LEDs, and the entire avenue is surrounded by champagne gold lights.

Lighting period: November 5, 2020-February 14, 2021 (planned)

Kyoto Station

As the gateway to Kyoto, every year Kyoto Station will see decorations and light shows. You can enjoy various lighting effects, especially the graphic lighting of the grand staircase.

Lighting time: November 13, 2020 (gold) ~ March 27, 2021 (sat)


***skating rink***

In winter, there will be a specific outdoor skating rink, and in the dreamy atmosphere created by the surrounding lighting, it is highly recommended for couples to go skating holding hands, which is another unique way to enjoy Christmas. To

VIVA SQUARE KYOTO The only outdoor ice skating rink in Kyoto Location: Umekoji Park, Kyoto City

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This year there will be lights in Umekoji Park. You can enjoy the night light show when you go skating!

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***The mass in church***

We hold Mass on December 24 every year. This year, due to the epidemic situation, all have been changed to an appointment system. Not only are married here, but also families come here to spend Christmas every year!

Kyoto St.Andrews church

December 24 (Wood) The second part is currently full
*Part 1*
12:00 open admission
12:30 Mass begins
13:30 Christmas dishes
Christmas dishes 12,000 yen per person

Osaka St.Bath church

December 24 (Four) Blessing Mass

Opening admission: 17:00

Start time: 17:30

Kobe St. Morgan church

* December 24 (Thursday)

Christmas dishes Admission at 12:30 starts at 13:00
Part two
Christmas dishes Admission at 18:00 starts at 18:30

* December 25 (Friday)
Mass starts at 12 o’clock
Entry at 13:00, starting at 13:30

Part two
Mass starts at 18:00
Christmas dishes, admission at 19:00, start at 19:30
Christmas dishes 12,000 yen per person


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