The tips of to plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding!



Do you remember the picture of Princess Eugenie Victoria Helena getting married in 2018?!

Princess Eugenie’s wedding is not the use of plastic “plastic” concept in the wedding! However, at that time, the idea of the princess also went through a hard struggle, especially the use of flowers, but the use of flowers must use flower mud, which is not environmental protection equipment, so how can we plan an environmental protection wedding?! Please keep reading

***Wedding dress***

In recent years, more and more brands have brought sustainable development into wedding dress production. For example, H & M has also produced clothes and wedding dresses with environmental protection materials. More and more “green wedding dress” brands are on the market, such as mother of pearl or Celia Grace and so on. Many wedding dress brands take sustainability as the starting point, so that the wedding dress that is usually worn only once has more possibilities not only in the selection of materials, but also in the reuse.


Mother of Pearl


***Invitation card***

Of course, the first thing to pay attention to is to reduce the use of paper. For example, electronic questionnaires or electronic invitation cards are now used. If you have to use paper, you can also use recycled hand-made paper to make invitation cards!

Hong Kong So mood studio


*** Flower ***

The flower bouquet can add fresh flowers to succulent plants. After the wedding, plants can be transplanted into pots to prolong the life of plants. Of course, we should not use plastic products and other equipment, but use natural materials to bind them.


***Decoration ***

The most commonly used arrangement of the venue is like the back plate, which is arranged with natural materials. For example, the fresh flowers on the reception desk, arch and dining table can be replaced with succulent plants or flowers are not fixed with flower mud, and the flowers in the venue can be reused or distributed to guests after the end.



Basically, many of the tableware used in the venues no longer use disposable tableware. If it is an outdoor wedding, guests can also be asked to bring their own environmentally friendly tableware. Then there is food. Vegan food is believed to be difficult for guests. However, you can also consider using vegan cakes when making cakes. The source of the ingredients is local ingredients to reduce the carbon generated in the transportation of the ingredients.


The gifts can be made from succulent plants, handmade candles, Hand-made Soap, etc., or even asking guests to change gifts into donations. It is very good for guests to understand the key points of green wedding!

The outer wrapping paper of this hand-made soap can also grow flowers



After reading so many ideas of environmental protection wedding, do you want to plan an environmental protection wedding?! Join the ranks of sustainable environmental protection!


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