Collection ~ Recommended street tree views in Kansai area!



In 1994 (Heisei 6) Yomiuri Shimbun announced the recommendation of the new 100 Japanese street trees. Street trees are mainly planted along urban roads to beautify the urban landscape. In addition, they are also useful for improving the urban environment, not only for protection. The environment also provides shade for pedestrians. To

This time I’m going to introduce the list of 100 scenic spots in the Kansai region of Japan


***Karasuma Tori***

The road in front of the Kyoto Station is wuwantong, which can be said to be a road running through the heart of Kyoto. The trees planted on this road have different scenery all year round. Especially in autumn, there are gingko and red leaves dotted. The chilly Kyoto seems to bring a little warmth.




This road is one of the busiest roads in Osaka. Especially in winter, around Christmas, people will light up the lights at night. There are so many people coming and going.


***Portopia Road***

Just beside the port, with the Japanese style of Kobe and the modern urbanized buildings and the green plants specially strengthened here, the summer is full of green.


***Kashihara Jingu Shrine***


***The Lake of Biwa in Makino***
It can be said that this tree path is very popular all the year round. Many photographers come here to take pictures. It’s green in summer, red leaves in autumn and dead trees and snow in winter. It’s worth visiting!



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