Two styles for the kimono of Japan's from Kantou and Kansai



Kanto style and Kansai style

There is no difference in the number of places in which we can hear the difference between the first and the second cities in the city, and each of the cities in Japan is related to the circumstances of the situation, and the most familiar person is the standard language in the West. However, there are many differences between the clothes of the clothes and the clothes in the city. It takes one step to the other side of the clothes, and both sides of the clothes are familiar!

***Kimono binding***

Kantou roll vs Kansai roll 

The difference in the direction of the “round”, the east end of the needle, and the reverse needle of the west, the difference of the difference is that the ancient western area is a lot of the aristocracy, and the eastern part of the province is called the samurai, and the reason is that the time and time of the sword is small, and the time stamp is the order of the hour, and now the western area of the west is used for the start of the multipurpose intersection, and therefore, the right hour is the right time needle method, and therefore, it is the right Children, compared to the comparative method of the order of the law, are now in the order of the beginning of the religion.


In addition, there will be some slight differences in the location of the outer belt, with higher in Kansai and lower in Kanto.


***Family crest***

The family crest is the family family name of the family, the family name, the family, and it is the peculiar culture of Japan, and it is a family family badge on the clothes, and the family crest, the image of the family crest, the former early time ago, and the top of the roof.

In the eastern part of Japan, the order of male biographies, these women’s clothes are unprecedented, and in the western part of Japan, there are female characters, and the differences between the two are different.

The man is about 30 mm

Nymph is about 28mm

The family crest of the family tree or the mother mother-in-law has been handed down, and it is on the Japanese kimono.

***Kimono pattern***

Most of Kanto’s kimonos are designed with simple Edo patterns, while Kansai’s are designed with gorgeous patterns, multi-color youchan and plain cloth. However, due to communication, most of them exchange what they need. Kanto often sees many colorful kimonos, and Kansai also has kimonos with plain colors and small patterns.


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No matter what kind of kimono, it is very important to know how to choose the kimono that suits you from the essence of the kimono in Kanto and Kansai!


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