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Do you know? “Washoku”(Japanese food ) has been listed as one of the intangible cultural heritage of mankind!

On December 4, 2013, “Washoku” was listed as a representative list of UNESCO intangible cultural heritage, taking the traditional Japanese food culture – January as an example. The word “Washoku” here does not refer to the food itself, but refers to the “custom” related to “diet” formed based on the Japanese “nature worship” temperament.

Therefore, Japanese cuisine can be said to be extensive and profound. Here is to introduce the basic knowledge of food culture, and pay more attention to the next meal!!


In a broad sense, family cuisine in daily life is considered as one of the food culture. In a narrow sense, Huaishi cuisine and other forms are most often promoted. The main staple food is “rice”. However, the most important thing is that the fresh ingredients of the season are always used to show respect for its taste. In addition, the nutrition and health of the diners are balanced Life is the purpose.

Of course, there are dishes closely related to seasons and festivals, which express the beauty of nature and seasons!



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There is a record of cuisine in the book of Japanese history. Most of the staple food and non-staple food are made of rice, wheat and millet to make rice and porridge. Non staple food uses vegetables, seaweed, fish and shellfish. But meat was banned from killing cattle, horses, dogs, monkeys and chickens in 675, but pigs and deer were not banned.




However, in the cooking method, in addition to raw food, cooking, there are also soup, mixed vegetables, fried vegetables and so on. Processing methods are dry goods, salty, pickles, sushi and so on. Due to the influence of the Chinese envoys to the Tang Dynasty, cuisine was also affected. Seasoning was seasoned with salt, vinegar, sauce and wine when eating.


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