SDGs start with ourselves - Item 12



Have you ever wondered how much garbage is generated every day? As residents of the global village, what can we do to reduce the damage to the earth? The things we use every day are actually closely related to us, so we can start from a small place to change, a small action can help ourselves and the earth, why not?


***take your bags and cups***

In response to the idea of ​​reducing the production of plastic, there are now many eco-friendly bags and stainless steel cups, etc. People are encouraged to bring their own eco-friendly bags instead of buying plastic bags when shopping to make garbage.


***Don’t waste the food***

In addition to no residual food, there is also no waste of ingredients. For example, when you buy ingredients in the supermarket, you can purchase ingredients based on the number of cooking days and the number of people. Not buying large quantities of short-term food can also reduce the waste of ingredients.


***buy the products which is good for earth!***

When buying any product, in addition to the price, you can also consider whether the product manufacturing process is good for the environment, and whether the product can be recycled after use. If you can think about it, you can also make life full of actions that are beneficial to the earth. , These are all things we can do.


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