SDGs start with ourselves - Item 11 Sustainable cities and communities



Over the past 40 years, many natural disasters have increased dramatically every year, resulting in many people being displaced and having to be relocated or rebuilt. In the face of the unpredictable future of nature, what we can do is to minimize the damage when disasters occur. Not only that, but also how to make cities and communities sustainable, there are many aspects that can be started, such as cultural heritage or natural heritage. What can we do in life practice?

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***Preventive measures***

For example, in Japan, because it is located in an earthquake zone, earthquake prevention is a very important topic. For example, it is necessary to add fixtures to the furniture at home, or to strengthen the earthquake resistance capacity of houses, and to reserve food and water for at least three days. When a disaster comes, it can respond quickly。


***Community maintenance***

In Japan, a community will set up a self-help group, such as a circulation board, to remind everyone of the key points in the community, starting from mutual help, so that the residents living in the district have a heart to heart!


***The problem of waste***

When you buy an item, you can consider whether it is beneficial to the environment when recycling or discarding it. You can think about it before you buy it.



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