The only a stroke-style garden in Shinjuku District-Kanseien



A stroke-style garden around a big pond garden

Kanseien park is the only touring garden in Shinjuku district. The name of “Kanseien ” is the spring water flowing from here. It is said that the water here is suitable for drinking tea. The trees holding the pond show the tranquility of the world different from the surrounding cities. The garden receives visitors in four seasons.


This area became the birthplace of the Owari Tokugawa family, one of the Tokugawa gosanke (three privileged branches of the Tokugawa family) during the Hoei era (1704 – 1711) during the Hoei era (1704 – 1711), and in 1774, the first residence of the first Shimizu family was placed in Edo. After the Meiji period, it was built as a garden of the Viscount soma residence, and it received it as the attached sweet spring garden in Showa. It became a prefectural Park in 1954.

The present park is familiar with people as a Japanese garden with four seasons, such as flowers of azalea, Hydrangea flowers, new green leaves, maple leaves and winter snow hanging.

Open time

Mar.~Oct. 7:00am~7:00pm
Nov~Feb 7:00am~5:00p,m

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