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What is the new Japanese girl wearing shoes? This is a very cute pet knowledge, so that the exposure to the toes of the toe (tsuma) and the toes of the toes, and the wife, and the wife, and the daughter of the new daughter, and the daughter of the daughter of the new daughter, are now very happy, and the new daughter, and the wedding, and the wedding dress of the wedding is good, and the wedding dress of the wedding is the point.

***toe and pumps***

Before the end of the day, there are many new daughters who wear a pair of dresses and feet, the outside of the wedding, the outside of the shoes, and so on, and the main body of the leather, the material of the skin and the skin of the flower, the outside of the garden, the outside of the garden, the flower of the flower garden.


It is basically recommended that the height should be 5-7 cm (of course, the height is usually worn by the bride), but if the bride is pregnant, it is better to wear flat shoes.


Try to use breathable material for shoes. Now there are many custom-made wedding shoes, which are more suitable for personal size and comfort. You can compare brands and try them on!


If it is the first time for a bride to wear shoes for the first time, it is recommended to wear shoes for a few hours in advance. Otherwise, it is easy to feel uncomfortable when wearing new shoes for the first time at the wedding and wedding banquet!



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