Winter Kansai The story of three illuminated city!!



Very soon be going to enter the winter period. In winter, we are looking forward to the lighting show. Last year, we introduced a lot of lighting shows. The most famous one in Kansai is Kobe. This year’s “Kobe” is definitely suspended. BUT….



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In addition, we also introduce the largest facility lantern activity in Kansai, Kobe lantern exhibition. This year, there are also many lighting activities, such as the animal of light maze, sound and light lighting performances.

There are three places for this year’s activities, namely Osaka City, Kobe City and ertaocheng city. The theme is “the story of the three capitals of light”, and Osaka City and ertaocheng are also included. If you live in Japan this year, please come and have a look. If you can’t come to Japan this year, please open the tour next year, and when you come to Japan in winter, you are suggested to arrange your itinerary!


【Osaka castle Illuminage】

Venue: shizhimaru garden, Osaka City Park

Period: November 27, 2020 to March 7, 2021

【Kobe Illuminage】

Venue: Kobe fruit flower park

Period: October 30, 2020  – January 31, 2021 

【Kyoto Nijojo castle Illuminage】

Venue: Nijojo castle

Period: December 14, 2020 to February 21, 2021

From December 29 to December 31, leave the palace for a rest

There are discount tickets available on October 29. Please refer to the following link. The tickets will be sold from October 30 to the same day!

Adult JPY 1500 

Children (under primary school students) JPY 800 

Free for under 3 years old


The unit has also made countermeasures for the covid-19, please follow the instructions in the big housework!

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