SDGs start with ourselves - Item 10 Reduced inequalities



When it comes to inequality, we usually start with economic differences. In many countries, the gap between the rich and the poor is expanding at an unprecedented rate. In 2017, the richest 1% of the world’s people owned about 33% of the world’s wealth.

However, in this aspect, there are other contents, such as the differences between urban and rural construction, national social security and immigration policies.

For example, many countries / regions have formulated policies to protect those who emigrate or live abroad, but the content is not enough. Comparing data from 105 countries, less than 60% have policies that cover migrant rights as well as social and economic welfare.

So what can we do?

***Stop discrimination***

First of all, we should not allow improper discriminatory speech. First of all, we should have a certain world outlook, empathy and other people’s point of view, and accept anything different from ourselves.




***Help the handicapped person***

First of all, in the simplest way, if you meet a person who needs help on the road, offer help, such as helping to open the door or waiting.



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