To know about Kyoto Maiko performance schedule



You mustn’t miss the performance of prostitutes when you come to Kyoto, the ancient capital. This time, you have to introduce prostitutes for a year.

There are always five flower streets in Kyoto, namely Gion Kabe, Miyagawa, Xiandou Town, Shangqian, and Gion East. Each flower street has a regular performance every year, which is basically concentrated in the spring of the first half of the year, and only Gion East performances in autumn.

The so-called flower street can be imagined as a shop, that is, a place to train prostitutes.

*** Spring***

When it comes to Kyoto’s spring tradition, the dance of flowers is bright, naive and the thought of colorful flowers blooming. Each of the following performances will be held every year, and the time is mainly based on each organizer.

北野をどり (上七軒)
Time: end of March to early April

The shrine of Shangqixuan is Kitano Tenmangu Shrine. It was originally used to celebrate the performance at Kitano Tenmangu in 1950, and was presented with a symbolic lantern festival. Among them, “Shangqixuan Nocturne” is a repertoire that must be performed.


Time: April

Bringing Kyoto to the tradition of spring, Gion Kobe is now the largest flower street in Kyoto, featuring dance performances of geisha and maiko.


Time: April 




There will be new works every year, and it will be updated once a year in the first half and second half of the year. This song will also be written based on the performance at this time, creating a new world. 


Time: May



This is a performance of five groups

Time: End of June 



Time: November 

The gorgeous stage of Gion Higashi, the only flower street in autumn, is held every year in Kyoto.

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