2020 Nijo castle Art Aquarium Castle -Kyoto・Kingyo Dance-



In recent years, there has been a wonderful exhibition in autumn night in two cities, that is, the Kyoto goldfish dance in cooperation with art aquarium. Although there is an epidemic this year, there is still an exhibition,


  • Date:2020.Oct. 14~Dec. 7

  • Place:Motorikyu Nijo Castle Ninomaru Goten Courtyard/Kitchen Front yard/Kitchen

  • Time:17:00~22:00pm(Last time 21:30)


The biggest reason for the recommendation is that during the night time when admission is usually unavailable, goldfish swim in the beautiful water tank known as art works in erzhimarudian atrium and other places in the general non-public area. In the space modeling using the latest technology such as light, music and image, the art aquarium with “the world of harmony” can be more colorful, Traditional Japanese handicrafts such as kimono are sublimated into art in a new form, with the theme of cultural property and landscape owned by ertaocheng, as well as art aquarium works with the theme of Kyoto art.

***Most to see 3 points***

Goldfish tank

Taisei Hokan Kingyo Large Byobu

The night view of Nijo castle 


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【Weekday】 Adult 1,500円 / Children 1,000円
【Holiday】     Adult 1,600円 /  Children 1,100円


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