Nara Sumi - a famous product from Japan Nara!



When it comes to Nara, you may think of deer, shrines, temples, and so on, and there are a lot of gifts you can buy from here, such as persimmon leaf sushi, Buddha pudding or Nara stain, etc. 

This time, we would like to recommend Nara Sumi, which many people even Japanese don’t know. Because there are fewer and fewer people who write books, there are fewer and fewer opportunities to use the four treasures of the study! Then make Sumi The process is time-consuming and time-consuming, especially for a finished ink strip which takes three months or more, the longer the manufacturing year. 



At present, 95% of Sumi made in Japan are produced by Nara. Nowadays, less than 10 companies are still making Sumi in Nara. It is said that Sumi is a traditional Nara craft made in Muromachi era. The really good ink can be used for more than 1000 years.

***Gripped Sumi Experience***

This is to experience Nara’s 『Kinkoen』. You can experience the “Gripped Sumi ” made by holding Sumi by hand in the workshop with ancient fragrance floating.

History of Nara Sumi 

First of all, the staff will introduce Nara Mo’s history and interpretation, which is very simple and clear, even if you don’t understand Japanese history

Introduction of Material and Actual Demonstration

Introduction the process and used in Sumi and shows the shaping work of Sumi. You can see the traditional craft.

Experience Gripping Sumi Yourself

Under the guidance of employees, use your hand to feel the softness and warmth of sumistick. After feeling, you will also have a paper towel, so you don’t have to worry about dirty your hands.

Carry it home in a paulownia wooden box

Don’t open the box and put it in the shade. It needs to be kept for 3 months to complete the design!


Fee: JPY1500(+10%tax)



Through the visit, you can not only learn about the production process of ink, but also worry about the decline of such traditional culture. Although nowadays people use mobile phones to communicate with computers, and it is not often necessary to write with pens, calligraphy is another method of meditation. Through this understanding, ink grinding is a kind of meditation time. Welcome to Nara, Japan An experience of holding Sumi!





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