It is worth for holding a shrine wedding ceremony!



For the East and the West have their own wedding ceremonies. In Japan, the most special one is the wedding of the shrine and the temple. The first thing you think of is to wear the traditional Japanese wedding kimono. People who usually consider the Japanese wedding are basically the following three types:

① Japanese

② International marriage,  Japan and other country

③ All foreigners who love Japanese culture


We often receive is that foreign guests want to experience the traditional Japanese wedding ceremony. How much does it cost for a Japanese wedding? Please keep reading!!


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Japanese traditional wedding is called “Shinto ceremony”. A wedding ceremony takes at least 40 minutes. The most important thing is that the marriage itself is not only the bride and groom, but also the link between the family. Therefore, the parents of both families sit behind the bride and groom, and the wedding ceremony is usually family members (such as close relatives), so the traditional Japanese wedding attaches great importance to the combination of two people and two families!!

***The feature of ceremony flow***


There are many thousand years of historical music, the chants in the Kyodo Do hall, the festival of the music, the special day of the day, the music, and the pleasure of the ritual.

San-san-ku ceremony

A couple who pours sake into three cups three times each at a wedding

Tamagushi(the branch of sacred tree)

Hold the leaf apex of tamagushi by the right hand, move tamagushi clockwise so that the base points the altar.


The basic marriage plan is a wedding plan + the cost of the shrine, the total cost of jpy500000 up is less than 10%, and it is 10% right and left, and it is said that the experiment is not a single, and the mutual visitor is a little unpleasant!

・Initial rate for shrine 

JPY 50,000~150,000 up

Every shrine is different

・Gagaku JPY30,000~50,000
・Bride’s kimono(shiromuku) JPY150,000~200,000 up
・Groom’s kimono (hakama) JPY50,000~100,000up
・Make up stylist  JPY50,000~80,000 up
・Other (Photographer etc…)

each item is different and totally the least cost JPY500,000up 


For the groom and bride who like Japanese culture, please consider the traditional Japanese wedding!

Next year to Japan to make an appointment for a Japanese wedding + outdoor wedding photos!!  

For the new bride who likes Japanese atmosphere, a wedding plan to get married peacefully in Japan!

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