The komono(Kimono accessriose) of Shiromuku with a presentation to you!



Since ancient times, white is considered as the color of the Japanese when they are born. White is considered as the color of the Japanese when they are born.

Kimono accessories

懐剣 A sword: in ancient times, swords were used to defend the bride.

筥迫 Kosei: make up box, now do more decorations

末広 Suehiro: fan, also represents happiness forever!

抱帯 Belt: the kimonos of ancient noble ladies always put this belt under the belt

帯締め Obijime: the rope is exposed, which means happiness forever

帯揚げ Obiage : the rope which it is said that this tape means “the continuity and happiness of our descendants” in the meaning of!

The color of accessories that you can choose white and red and green and golden colors, etc.


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