The cost of wedding kimono "Shiromuku" rental?!



The popular white kimono, shiromuku, is the same as the wedding dress.

The bride’s desire for this sacred beauty has never changed. In recent years, more and more newlyweds in Japan want to get married or take wedding photos in white without scale. They are looking forward to it. But do you know how much it costs to rent a set?

This article wants to unlock the interest points from the market price. Let’s introduce white without scale, amazing beauty, white intoxication!

***Not just beautiful! Solemnity ***

Since Muromachi’s time, pure white without scale has been used as the wedding dress of samurai’s daughter.

The main reason is that the clothes of the people who serve the gods are white. Therefore, white becomes a color in the bride’s dress when attending the sacred ceremony.

Hope to protect the bride by wearing the sacred white, can keep the evil away, is still the most popular wedding kimono!

***Material and weaving ***

There are various kinds of materials on the market, such as “genuine silk”, which uses natural silk, with soft handle and luster, which is the highest grade of pure white silk.

In addition, there is also “interweaving”, which uses silk as warp, chemical fiber as weft and synthetic fiber, which greatly reduces the cost. Of course, the rental price will be cheaper.

There are usually two ways of folding: satin and brocade.

· Satin: smooth surface, like pure white, neat texture, like satin wedding dress.

· Brocade: the pattern is like embroidery, giving people a sense of weight and luxury.


The clothes are pure white, but due to the increase of machine output and the change of materials, if it is a simple chemical fiber material and decoration, the price is about 50,000 yen to 100,000 yen.

For example, the high-grade production is white without scale, and the rent is about 200,000 to 300,000 yen.

Usually, the average price of a high-grade Shiromuku  is around 210000 yen, which is maybe cheaper than renting a wedding dress. However, please note that there is an extra dressing charge for renting kimono.

If you rent in the auditorium or related clothing store, you can rent it cheaper and there will be some discount.


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