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TAGAYA started in Kyoto as a high-end Hanayome wedding kimono. It has been more than 46 years. On March 1, 2019, we opened a base in Ginza, Tokyo. At first, we hoped that guests in the Kanto region could get closer to the charm of Kyoto and marriage. Guests from Kanto can not only hold traditional weddings in Kyoto, but also travel for two or a family. Therefore, traditional Japanese weddings in Kyoto are not only in the Kansai region, but also from all over Japan who come to Kyoto to get married!

Returning to the “essence”, Tokyo Ginza Salon hopes to promote traditional Japanese weddings and high-end Hanayome kimonos to the world, so that more people can enjoy the unique charm of traditional Japanese weddings in addition to Western weddings.

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Tokyo・Kyoto area Japanese wedding (Japanese wedding) 

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Kyoto Japanese-style wedding venue, the main world cultural heritage venue, rich in history, for newcomers who love stories, if you are willing to come to Kyoto, please give priority to these two locations!

Nijo castle

Kamigamo Shrine

Other Japanese wedding venues in Kyoto

Japanese wedding venues in Tokyo




Other Japanese wedding venues in Tokyo

*** Kyoto Location photo shooting ***

Kyoto is one of the top three cities in Japan for tourists from all over the world. No matter whether you wear wedding dress or kimono, you can definitely take Amazing Wedding Photos in this ancient city.

Higashiyama area


Kyoto Botanical Garden


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***Tokyo Location photo shooting***

Kimono can also take many wonderful pictures in Tokyo. We can not only provide the location of Tokyo, but also the location of Kyoto!

Wadakura Fountain Park

Kansen-en Park

Former Yasuda Garden

Heisei garden

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