Reopening - Kyoto City Kyocera Museum of Art



Kyocera Art Museum, located in Okazaki, Kyoto, is the oldest existing public art gallery in Japan. It was closed and renovated in April 2017 and reopened in June this year. The museum has collected comprehensive contents of modern Kyoto Art (Japanese painting, Western painting, carving, engraving, crafts and calligraphy), with a collection of 3600 pieces.

This renovation is mainly due to the enhancement of the appearance and function of the building (such as earthquake protection, etc.) and the newly added exhibition place “Dongshan Cube” is a large-scale renovation!

2 floor central hall

Western side and ceiling

And in the original building with some equipment display

At present, in the Japanese garden, there is a work by Hiroshi Sugimoto, “The Glass Tea House Mondrian”

The author wants to convey that you can listen to the birds and have a rest here.

The exhibition period of this work is expected to be January 2021


Kito Kengo《untitled (hula-hoop)》


The author uses a large number of plastic hula hoops, which can be said to be a representative work.


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