Do you know the meaning of the pattern on kimono?



We often see that there are many designs on the beautiful kimono. In fact, the design expresses a lot of meanings, especially in the wedding kimono. So when you choose a kimono, you can not only look at the color, but also look at the patterns above. I believe that when you review the wedding or wedding photos, you will have a different feeling!


***Crane: long life, perfect couple***

Just like the “Millennium Crane”, it has been used as a symbol of longevity since ancient times. In addition, the characteristic of crane is that husband and wife live together in harmony, which is also a symbol of husband and wife’s perfection.

***Peony: the representative of nobility, wealth and beauty***

Since ancient times in Japan, it has been said that “standing like peony, sitting like peony, walking like Lily”, which is a flower that shows the beauty of women.

The petals are not only big but also many, so they are loved as a symbol of nobility, wealth and beauty.


***Pine, bamboo and plum: endurance and birth of life***

Pine, bamboo and plum, just like its name, is a design composed of pine, bamboo and plum with festive significance.

“Pine” grows in the harsh environment of sand and rock, and even in cold winter, it produces strong dark green leaves.

“Bamboo” grows fast, extending straight to the end, and produces tender green leaves throughout the year.

After the end of the cold winter, “Mei” blooms earlier than any other flower and emits fragrance.

Pine, bamboo and plum means endurance and birth of life. It can be said that it is suitable for marriage and children.


***Float: noble***

From the peaceful times, the flowery floats were used by nobles. Nowadays, they are mostly used in kimonos, representing nobility.


***Noshi: represents everyone’s blessing***

The design of the Noshi is bound by several gift sticks, which means that many people wish and share happiness.

In addition, it also shows the fetters between people. In addition, its length also represents the symbol of longevity, which is a very festive design.


***Cherry blossom: the beginning of abundance and all things***

In the old saying, “Sakura”, in addition, many flowers will sprout in spring, so cherry blossom, as a symbol of spring flowers, is considered to be the beginning of auspicious things.


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