Bonfires on five mountains of Kyoto in 2020



Many events have been suspended this year, such as the annual grand festival, and the Gion Festival has also been suspended. However, the five mountains fire delivery ceremony was held in August. Only a great change has been made. After all, this ceremony is held as a folk activity of the Yulan basin or the hungry ghost. According to legend, the word “Da” comes from Konghai, a master of Hongfa, and the local people think that their ancestors will come back from another world Visit your children.

Time: August 16

This year will reduce the scope of burning, so you won’t see big characters and other patterns!

Daimonji 20:00〜20:30頃 賀茂川(鴨川)堤防〔丸太町大橋〜御薗橋〕
20:05〜20:35頃 北山通〔京都ノートルダム女子大學附近〕
20:05〜20:35頃 高野川堤防〔高野橋北〕
船形 20:10〜20:40頃 北山通〔北山橋から北西〕
Left of Daimonji 20:15〜20:45頃 西大路通〔西院〜金閣寺〕
鳥居形 20:20〜20:50頃 松尾橋・廣澤池
その他 市内各飯店的屋頂


This is last year’s photo, looking forward to next year can return to normal, also wish the epidemic situation passed soon, everyone safe!!


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