Kimono for hair accessories of flowers strategy!



The last article introduced the hairstyle of wedding dress. Besides the crown, there are other choices. This time, we will introduce the fresh flower decoration of kimono headdress!! In fact, the job of looking for flowers can be left to the florist to decide! As long as the bride chooses the style and color of kimono, our florist will match the first bride’s favorite color or flower, and the second one will match the color of kimono!!


***Hair Styles***

Today’s hair style is mainly “foreign hair”, and when wearing kimono, the hair is always coiled! The main reason is that the back of the neck can be exposed, the Japanese think that the neck is the sexiest place for women! Therefore, Japanese kimonos are mainly made up of hair!



This Kimono, we can see that in fact, the yellow color on the clothes is not much, but the flowers are decorated with yellow. The first one is chrysanthemum pattern, which usually has more yellow images. Then we hang the white color with blue matching, and then use yellow to decorate the hair, which will make the whole look more lively!

If you think there are more colors in kimono, choose green flowers to make the whole look more fresh!

In Japanese culture, chrysanthemum is very noble. Even the symbol of the royal family is chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum also symbolizes long-term life, which means having many children and grandchildren.



If the kimono is shiromuku, the matching on the head is actually better! But basically, florists put “green” in their headwear.


Next year, make a promise for a church wedding ceremony + outdoor kimono wedding photo!!

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