Take a group of cherry bloom wedding photos in Japan spring 2021!



Now to the second half of 2020, the bridegroom and bride planning to marry in 2021 next year, because of the epidemic situation, I believe that at the same time of planning, many things must be reduced, but the relative preparation will be relatively simple!!

It is suggested that you can also do marriage registration or hold a small wedding ceremony in the local area first. If you are living in Japan, you can consider shooting wedding dress in Japan, do wedding registration first, and then you can prepare a wedding after returning home!

Following the recommendation of the autumn scenery department in the previous article, you can start to book the cherry blossom season in 2021 next year!! And the full open period is basically only a few days, now move to start booking!!

***Ourdoor wedding dress***


***Outdoor Kimono***



As long as you make an appointment for a wedding dress + a kimono, you will present a beautiful photo album!



[Pre-wedding photo]
“Up to 4 days before the scheduled date: no charges
3 days before the photo shoot: 10% of original price
2 days before the photo shoot: 20% of original price
On the scheduled date: 100% of original price”


JPY 20000 will be charged for new appointments in the tourist season (3 / 16 ~ 4 / 15) in spring!

Please contact us for more information info@overseas-wedding.jp



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