Wedding Kimono strategy! The popular style in 2020!!



One of the happiest things about Japanese brides is that they have traditional kimonos to choose. Everyone will choose between “shiromuku” and “irouchikake”. This time, we should recommend the part of “white without scale”. Don’t look at the white without any special place. The design of white no scale should be carefully watched to see her beauty!! Please go on

We introduce the two different of shiromuku 

***Senbaru ***

Tsuru is called “Tzu” in ancient times and thought to be a divine bird. The beauty of pure white feathers and flying figures, the appearance of noble and proud appearance has long been seen as well, and it is said that 1000 feather cranes are “precursors to good things.”


***Dance of four seasons***

The chrysanthemum and the four seasons of flowers are gorgeous and flourishing to draw the honor of the two. It is a beautiful one with a gorgeous feeling like the color waviness hangover with the three-dimensional feeling is added by luxury embroidery Sagara embroidery.

***Snow wheel***

Snow wheel design soft snow impression, plus the auspicious representative of pine, bamboo, plum, the whole white without scale is a sunny feeling. The design on the sleeve is also a low-key design of three plants, perfect staggered design on the top, it is very worth the bride to try this white no scale!!

***Hand embroidery***

This kind of ball was only seen by aristocrats in ancient Japan, and its design is very exquisite. Therefore, on this white no scale, it is auspicious Wenbao’s Ju ball design. In ancient times, the ball was also used as a gift for girls to get rid of bad luck at home. In addition, this one is made of hand embroidery, so it is more precious!


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