Wedding photo strategy, take a look at the overseas prw-wedding photo!



When two people are sure to get married, the wedding venue and wedding photos will be taken in advance. But maybe many people will ask if it is necessary?! According to the survey, at least 90% of couples will take wedding photos.

Because we are overseas Japanese wedding and Japanese wedding shooting, so this article is mainly about the strategy of Overseas Wedding Photos!!

***Location and scene confirmation***

Location and scene are the most important starting points. Two people have a consensus to decide which side to go to take wedding photos and which scenes they want to take. However, if it is a scene related to seasonal timeliness, please confirm it in advance.


***Date confirmation***

Another is to confirm the time when two people can have a holiday. For example, it’s better to ask for leave from the boss one and a half to two months ago (and confirm in advance that the time is allowed to have a holiday). If you don’t have a friend who is difficult to ask for leave, you don’t have to worry!


***Choose photography team and store service***

It’s a very important point to choose photography team and store service. Now there are many photographers all over the world who have their own studios. However, there may be a variety of package services. For example, some new people pay attention to the style of photography, and some people pay attention to the local service or after-sales service. It is suggested that you should first check whether you have “overseas shooting experience and local shooting experience”. This is very important, because only with experience can you enter the shooting situation immediately without spending time looking for scenery on the day of shooting. Some of the photographers who bring in do not know the local landscape and road, even if they have done the scene survey in advance, they will have different shooting time It is necessary to confirm whether the photography team has “experience” or not.


***Are clothes included***

This part is also very important. If you are not a local shop owner, you may have to carry the wedding dress suit to go abroad. The first luggage is very heavy. Second, if you rent the wedding dress, you must first confirm with the shop owner who rents the wedding dress. Of course, if you buy your own wedding dress, you will not have this problem.

***Makeup artist***

Makeup artist is also a very important issue, if the makeup artist’s technology is not good, it really destroyed the wedding photos!! As long as you look at the past works, you can know how the shooting situation is. Of course, almost all the wedding photos in Japan have not been revised. You can have a look at the wedding report of the store!!

***Pose problem***

We may think that Japanese is probably shyest in the world, so many Japanese photographers will find it very interesting to photograph overseas guests, because there are many postures that can be required!! Most of the guests are asked to pose, they will do it, and even add their own actions. Of course, the Japanese photographer’s requirements are relatively simple. We suggests that we should use this time to chat with each other and present a more natural behavior!!


***During the period of making photos and providing archives***

Basically, each store is different. It is suggested to ask the store owner clearly in advance! After the system can also communicate with the shop owners and photographers!




Next year, make a promise for a church wedding ceremony + outdoor wedding photo!!

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