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This is for you to propose! If you plan to get married next year or the following year, you can prepare to propose! But perhaps you will think, two people have already planned to get married, still need to propose? How do I plan to propose? What time? Where?

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***Confirm the idea of marriage***

When two people get together again, they will have a good relationship, but when they come to the turning point of marriage, they must communicate with each other well. Of course, there is no need to mention the proposal at this time, which is the key to increase the success of the proposal!! You can also take advantage of the communication at this time to learn about the two people’s ideas about the wedding, and the family’s views on marriage. You can first know through this preliminary chat!

***Choose the engagement date***

At present, most people choose their anniversaries, special festivals (Valentine’s day or Christmas), partners’ birthdays, other special days, and so on. No matter which one, you must first think about the preparation time. It is suggested that you should grasp it for at least 2 months!

***Engagement Ring***

It’s mentioned above that you have to catch two months. One of them is to observe the ring your partner wants!! When they finish their marriage, I think most of them will start to look at the ring, venue and other related information. At this time, you can observe the website they are searching for!


***Engagement place***

In fact, many people will choose to stay at home. The main reason is that the arrangement is convenient and there is no site cost problem. However, sometimes different marriage proposal sites are given, so that this place can have more memories of two people! No matter at home and abroad, such as the place where two people first date, determine the place of contact, the country where they first went abroad, etc., are highly recommended to you who want to propose!!

Special places 

Ice skating 

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Football stadium

For example, our church has been chosen by many people to propose marriage here. Although many new couples are not religious, they like the atmosphere of our church, the moment when the sun shines through painted glass, and Japan is also the country where many new couples visit for the first time, so they hope to propose to their partners in Japan!

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