Let's know the Japanese tea - part 2



The previous article we introduced the Japanese tea. Now we are keeping going to show the other different Japanese tea. We know green tea and Genmaicha and houjicha. 



We picked the leaf of tea and crushed into powder with stone mortar, and then the powder is used to make matcha, so it is used the aroma of tea. Therefore, matcha is often used as a food material to add to other food .



It is original of matcha, that is before the matcha. It is same as Gyokuro, when it grew and cover the tea. The tencha you can smell the sea sedge and bitter taste.  



Put the rice soaking the water and mix the tea together to fire. Because the rice into the tea to fire and the caffeine is low that recommended to children and old man.  




This is mix the Sencha and tea bowl to fire together and it will make the aroma of tea. Because the fired and the caffeine will be transcended. You can taste the aroma and refresh.  



Photo source:http://www.ocha.tv/

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