Enjoy the best service in Japanese salon!!



Japanese service is coming the first on the list in the world. Do you want to try such service in Japan? But because of the language barrier, I dare not try it? Although some beauty salons will have staff who speak Chinese, since they are all in Japan, we also have Chinese or English translation services. We can spend a barrier free time with you in the beauty salon!

We also provide you the service of interpreter in Japan. Welcome to contact us info@overseas-wedding.jp 

***Kyoto-Lunasia ***

This is a beauty salon founded in Kyoto for 24 years. If you like it, you can get very satisfactory service here. They also have two other branches in Kyoto Sanjo and Osaka umeta. 

Address: KARASUMA nishikikoji agaru, nakagyo ward, Kyoto City
Media Joy IT building  3F



Pola is a famous cosmetics company in Japan. You can see their counter in department stores! Therefore, there are also beauty salons all over the country to do beauty services.

Shop lists

***Kobe Purela***

The main branch of this store is in Osaka, and Kobe’s shop is also in the building with convenient transportation in Osaka. The store is not only appraised, but also frequently exposed in magazines

Address: 1:8-1 Plaza building 3F in Sannomiya,  Kobe


Below is the introduces the common for using in Japanese and provide you the Chinese and English translation in the beauty salon, you can save the picture!


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