Would you want to make your hair in a Japanese hair salon?!



No matter whether you come to Japan to get married or not, when it comes to Japan, you have to mention Japan’s beauty strength! Worried about going to the beauty salon to communicate with the hair stylist? We can also provide “accompanying interpreter service”. If you need to, you can make an appointment with us!

Welcome to contact us info@overseas-wedding.jp

We also recommend three hairdressers with convenient transportation in each of the three areas. Although they are all Japanese style hair salons, they have good evaluation. We suggest that you can search for them by yourself!

***Kyoto-jour Kawaramachi***

This shop is located in the building of heyuanding station, the transportation is very convenient

Address: 3F, North East corner of the original town of shitiaotonghe, Xiajing District, Kyoto


***Osaka – Trico Shisabashi***

Trico are many branches in Osaka. Here is the branch near our Osaka gem church.

Address:4f, 1-1-10 Kawabata bridge, Central District, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture

***Kobe CARE***

This shop in Kobe has convenient transportation. It’s only 5 minutes’ walk from Osaka’s Sangong station

Address: 98 − 1 dongmachi · 1f, Chiang Cho CHO, Central District, Kobe City, Hyogo


The following also provides to want to know simple Japanese hairdressing Chinese and English can learn yo! If you don’t know how to communicate, you can save the picture and show the hairstylist the main style you want. If you are worried, please translate it together. You don’t have to worry about it!!


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