Top places to take wedding photos in summer - Kobe



What should we pay attention to when we take shoot wedding photos in summer?  There are also various regions recommended to take photos in Kobe ~ ~ Now, we will introduce the area of Osaka and the reasons!!

***Foreign Settlement***

The reason for recommendation here is that in the traditional European style building area, taking photos here in wedding dress seems to be the illusion of being in Europe. Moreover, this place is very suitable for taking close and intimate actions between two people. The photos taken can have many natural expressions on their faces!

***Kobe Harborland***

The most important pictures of Kobe harbor are the harbor view and Kobe tower. Because the area is very large, there is no problem to avoid the crowd. It is suggested that you can avoid noon and off-duty time and avoid the time when there are more people.


Completed in 1911, it is a park directly managed by Kobe City. There is a 500 year old camphor tree in the park, which is also worth taking photos. Of course, there is a Japanese garden, which is very suitable for taking a group of photos in the traditional Japanese kimono.

***Kobe St. Morgan Church***

Of course, we must also mention our Kobe St. Morgan church. The first advantage of taking wedding photos in the church is that you don’t have to worry about rainy days. Then, the furniture and accessories in the church are all imported from Europe. In addition, Kobe has a wide space. It is not only close-up but also far-reaching. The photos taken are also very suitable for printing in welcome area. 



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