Good places to take wedding photos in summer - Osaka



Now it’s July and summer season!! What should we pay attention to when we take shoot wedding photos in summer?  There are also various regions recommended to take photos in Osaka ~ ~ today we will introduce the area of Osaka and the reasons!!

***Tsurumiryokuchi Park***

The most recommended reason is that there are many tall trees here. In addition, it was once the venue of the world flower expo, so there are many characteristic buildings in the park. Different flowers and plants will be planted in the park throughout the year. Many Japanese newcomers will also choose to take photos here in summer!

***Keitakuen Garde***

This is a Japanese garden in Tennoji. There are many shade trees and a small house here. You can take a close-up photo in the shade. It’s very recommended for new people in kimono to take photos here.

 *** Osaka St. Bath Church*** 

Must recommend taking photos indoors. In hot summer, taking photos indoors is also the best choice. Many couples also like to choose different styles of white wedding dresses and different colors of wedding gowns to take photos in the church. You can even have a lot of time to take pictures of two people’s favorite posture. Basically, the wedding day is shot by the wedding process, such as before or after the wedding Take more photos of the church, which is also highly recommended!!



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