What!! You can take wedding photos after wedding reception!!



In Japan, there are also many people who take wedding photos after they get married and have a wedding, which is called “post dating”. This article will introduce the advantages of taking wedding photos after they get married! Let’s see what they have.

***The scenes and gestures that can’t be done at wedding***

For example, if you want to make up for some actions or positions that can’t be done at the wedding, you can also make use of the photos and seasonal scenes after the wedding. After the wedding, you can also make up for the places where they have traveled!


***You can the items from the wedding reception***

***Pregnant brides can also be photographed together with baby***

The bride who is pregnant before the wedding doesn’t have to worry. It’s also a good choice to take wedding photos after the wedding!!

Even after marriage, honeymoon and wedding photos can be taken together. In this year’s epidemic situation, if you can’t go there, you can notarize or hold a small wedding this year. It’s also a good option to take additional wedding photos when you go abroad for honeymoon next year!


Next year, make a promise for a church wedding ceremony + outdoor wedding photo!!

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