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I think what kind of small gifts to give at the wedding is probably the trouble of many new people! Usually, there is no problem in giving “food related” gifts, but Xiaobian believes that there must be many new people who want to give some different ideas. Let’s see what interesting gifts they can offer you for reference!


Although it’s a common gift, you can also make some changes. For example, you can find candy printed with pictures of two people, or candy printed with words. For example, M & M chocolate can also be printed with words or pictures.

Make a book box and print the photos of yours. 

***Chocolate dessert***

Usually send western-style dim sum, the packing box will be very advanced!! The whole feeling of gift giving is upgraded, which can make the guests feel the intention of the new person.


Like hand cream, candles, soap and so on, plus two people want to express, can also be a very meaningful gift yo!



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