The suburbs of Kobe ーKobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens



***Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens***

It is the largest vanilla garden in Japan, there are 12 gardens with different themes. All the year round, the fragrance is different. When you want to go here, you need to take a cable car. It’s about 10 minutes. You can walk in the air and have a panoramic view of Kobe City.

What are the advantages of shooting wedding photos outdoors?

I said, let the photographer take you to a new place, take pictures of your new memories, enjoy the beautiful scenery while sightseeing, kill three birds with one stone, and then look at the photos to recall. Moreover, after a few years, it has a different flavor to revisit the old place!

Among them, Kaze no Oka Flower Garden which is the best place to overlook Kobe City!!

It’s very interesting to take photos of the back of such red bricks and tiles in the park!

Next year, make a promise for a church wedding ceremony + outdoor wedding photo!!

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